Miksovsky Family Page

The Miksovsky family name is pretty rare, even in the Czech Republic where it comes from. There it's spelled Mikšovský for men, or Mikšovská for women. Phone listings in the Czech Republic have only about 190 entries for people with these names, mostly people living in Prague or Central Bohemia. The name is presumably related to others such as Miskosky, Miskovsky, Mieskovsky, and Mieszkowski.

The following is a list of people with the Miksovsky family name that Jan and Angela know about. If you're a Miksovsky, and would like to be listed here, please send your name, email address, and any home page to Jan. If you're on Facebook, you may also be interested in joining the group Miksovskys of the World.

  Name (and home page) Email
  Angela Miksovsky angela@miksovsky.com
  Chris Miksovsky chris@miksovsky.com
  Daniel Mikšovský daniel@miksovsky.eu
  Jan Miksovsky jan@miksovsky.com
  Jana Mikšovská m.jana@email.cz
  Jaroslav Mikšovský jmiksovsky@gesto.cz
  Jason Miksovsky (Texas, USA) shosky55@yahoo.com
  Jason Miksovsky (Alberta, CA) miska4202001@yahoo.com
  Jiři Mikšovský jiri.miksovsky@worldonline.cz
  Judie Miksovsky stanmiksovsky@aol.com
  Katarina Miksovsky nigel.katarina@sympatico.ca
  Martin Miksovsky (Canada) Mmiksovs@rci.rogers.com
  Martin Mikšovský (CZ) miksovsky@quadra.cz
  Martin Mikšovský (Vrchlabí, CZ) martin@9sil.cz
  Matej Miksovsky miksovsky@topcon.cz
  Matthew Miksovsky MattsMaps@aol.com
  Michael Miksovsky Michael_J_Miksovsky@mail.northgrum.com
  Michal Mikšovský (Vrchlabí, CZ) michalmik@icloud.com
  Nikola Miksovsky nikola.miksovsky@chello.at
  Paula Miksovsky (Ontario, CA) stanleym@forterie.com
  Petr Mikšovský (Kolin, CZ) miksovsky@controltech.cz
  Petr Mikšovský (Prague, CZ) miksovsp@labe.felk.cvut.cz
  Stan Miksovsky (Alberta, CA) stanmiks@telus.net
  Stanley Miksovsky (Ontario, CA) smiksovsky@sympatico.ca
  Tim Miksovsky mrspock@uswest.net

Jan and Angela maintain a family tree with some genealogical information on Jan's Miksovsky ancestors.

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